#MomsOfWalMart Challenge

    Y’all know me, I’m always up to some sort  of shenanigans (because you only live once, ya know)!!! Did you hear about the challenge I started??!! Its the Mom’s Of Wal-Mart Challenge and I need you to participate!! If you haven’t heard about it, or you want to join in on the fun, keep reading:

Okay, I’m doing it, I’m starting the #momsofwalmart challenge! This should be super fun, I’ll start!😂🙄 As you see above, I’ve given you a prime example of what this looks like lol!!!

To do the challenge ( it’s pretty simple) do these ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
1. Be a mom
2. Do something ridiculous at Wal-Mart 
3. Take a picture of you doing said ridiculousness
4. Share it here on either The Not So Normal Mommy Facebook page, by clicking here!  Or on The NSNM Instagram by clicking here! Be sure to use the 
hashtag (#momsofwalmart)
5. Laugh at yourself, or me, or just do it to embarrass your kids 😂 and enjoy

As always, I love you guys, I support your weirdness, and am thankful you are here!!

#weirdisthenewnormal #momlife

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