About Me

Welcome to The Not So Normal Mommy!

     I’m Amanda, the mind behind The Not So Normal Mommy!

I’m as southern’ as they come and the conductor of the hot mess express!! In most ways, I’m just like you! I’m a wonderful  train-wreck of a mother of two little girls and since they aren’t turning out so bad, we figured why not add another one ( baby number 3 coming February 2018)! Also, in my spare time (ya know, cause I have so much of it) I’m a wife! Some day’s I fail completely and some day’s I get it right! I’m just here to let you know you aren’t alone in this crazy thing we call parenthood and to hopefully make you laugh at me while I try to figure it all out!! Note:The picture taken fell on shower day which are few & far between! Subject appears different in real life


 Amanda has been featured on and is a contributor to the Today Show, Parents Team!